Jiangsu Qinmo Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Qinmo Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional company that designs and produces Marine deck machinery and other products. 

The company specializes in the production of Marine windlass, windlass winch specifications of Φ11-Φ140mm, mooring winch specifications of 5kN-1000kN, all kinds of mooring winch, engineering winch, towing winch specifications of 5kN-4000kN, shark pliers 1000KN-6000KN, All kinds of Marine cranes (SWL 5KNx2m-1200KNx60m), oil transmission arm cranes, driving types are electric, hydraulic, diesel engines, etc., widely used in ocean engineering ships, international shipping ships, inland shipping ships.

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Jiangsu Qinmo Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd.

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